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About the role

Looking for a great, enthusiastic, and pro-active Directors Assistant to work closely on the daily activities of a Director working in the Animation and Production Industry, with a focus and knowledge of Music Videos, Commercials, and Film. The individual ideally would need to be on-site with the Director here in Cambridge and often in London and able to work and adapt to being Remote when needed. They should have their own Macbook / Laptop and have skills with Creative Suite, Keynote, and Visual Research. A dedicated and committed individual is key. Must be adaptable and able to adjust to the spontaneity and fluid flow of a creative lifestyle.

Who are we?

Mustashrik has directed and produced moving image content, music promos and commercials for clients such as Mont blanc, Ed Sheeran, Girl Effect, Louis Vuitton etc. He is a Design, Advertising and Production Industry professional having worked the last decade between London, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles and Zurich, to name a few.

How to apply:

Please email your Cover Letter, C.V, reel (website), and examples of work to reach out to

Application deadline:

13th July 2020

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